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New restrictive measures to be applied in Attica region, announced by the Government

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

On Tuesday evening, on a daily public briefing with regard to COVID-19 developments, Deputy Minister for Civil Protection announced a new set of measures which will be instantly applied at a local level, in regions of high epidemiological effect, like Trikala and Attica, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Especially with regard to the region of Attica, face masks are made mandatory in all workplaces, either public or private, as well as crowded outdoor areas, such as squares, bus stations, rallies and demonstrations, queues created outside of stores or banks etc.

Stricter seating rules are also ordered at outdoor events, where capacity is reduced up to 50%, with all attendants being obliged to stay seated and masked, whereas alcohol and smoking will be prohibited.

Clubs with live music will close for two (2) weeks, while outdoor and indoor cinemas will operate with a 60 percent capacity and viewers will be obliged to wear a mask.

The above measures will be in force from today, 16th September until 30th September.