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Teleworking still constitutes an option

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

By virtue of article 4§2 of Legislative Decree A’ 55/11-3-2020, employers and businesses were entitled to place their employees under a teleworking regime, meaning that said employees were still offering their working services to the employer, under the same terms and conditions, only without being obliged to present themselves at a specified place of work.

Considering the very recent increase of coronavirus incidents in the country, the Government decided to re-enact some legislation setting limits to social co-existence and, at the same time, providing facilitation and flexibility to businesses regarding the place and the way of organizing employment. One of these measures was introduced by virtue of the Ministerial Decision No. 30742/1002/2020 - Gov. Gaz. 3148/Β/30-7-2020, which extended employer's right to unilaterally place employees in teleworking status, without employees' consent until the 30th September 2020.