Newsflash: Greece’s first autonomous car is now being tested in the city of Trikala!

Thursday, 20 June 2024

Exciting developments are underway in Greece's autonomous vehicle technology sector, as the nation’s first autonomous car has been developed and is now being tested in the city of Trikala.

The vehicle, which was designed by IMET/EKETA (The Hellenic Institute for Transport and the General Secretariat for Research & Innovation), is equipped with advanced sensors and telecommunications, representing a significant milestone in technological innovation.

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The legal framework supporting the deployment of autonomous vehicles in Greece includes the revised Article 13 of the Road Traffic Code and Ministerial Decision 393352/2022. These regulations outline driverless cars' operating conditions, emphasising safety and compliance. The amendment to Article 13 permits using autonomous urban buses for research and training. At the same time, the ministerial decision specifies the requirements for all categories of driverless vehicles, ensuring they meet rigorous safety standards.

The testing process is meticulously structured, comprising a five-phase pilot period. The vehicle starts with a driver on board, gradually transitioning to remote supervision from a control centre. This staged approach ensures a thorough evaluation of the vehicle's capabilities, leading to the ultimate goal of fully autonomous operation with passengers. Each phase requires successful completion before moving to the next, guaranteeing that the technology is not only cutting-edge but also safe and reliable, instilling confidence in the audience.

Greece's involvement in the CityMobil2 pilot project, in the context of which Trikala hosted autonomous bus tests in an uncontrolled urban environment, highlights its innovative approach. The establishment of a robust legal framework and detailed testing protocols is set to revolutionise transportation, enhancing road safety and urban mobility. These developments present significant opportunities for stakeholders in the autonomous vehicle sector, highlighting Greece's role in pioneering this transformative technology.

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