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All the materials and information included on the Website are provided for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice in relation to any specific facts or circumstances. Despite our efforts to regularly update the content on the Website, it is possible that it may not always reflect the most current legal developments or other information. As a result, you should not rely upon any information included on this Website without seeking the advice of a suitably qualified attorney who is familiar with your particular circumstances. Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. expressly disclaims all responsibility for any inaccuracies, incompleteness or unsuitability of the materials and information included on this Website. You should not act, or refrain from acting, based upon any information on this Website.

Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. shall not be liable for any unavailability of this Website caused by technical malfunctions or the maintenance of the Website. Neither shall Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any use of this Website including any loss or damage caused by a third party’s manipulation of the Website.

The information provided at this Website is not privileged and does not create an attorney-client relationship with Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. or any of the firm's lawyers. The act of sending an e-mail to Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. or any of its lawyers, or submitting a form response or other materials through the Website, will not create an attorney-client relationship, unless you are currently a client of Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C.


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The Website may include links to other websites for the convenience of its users in locating specific information, and to complement information provided on the subject matters dealt with on this Website. Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. has taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of the content of these websites, which are owned and maintained by third parties. Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. does not endorse and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any content, privacy policies, the accuracy of the information, and the quality of services or products which are provided or advertised on these websites, and therefore, Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. will not be liable from your use or reliance on said information, content, products or services.

Privacy Statement

Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C., having its registered office at 10 Solonos Street, Athens, 106 73, Greece, may, through this Website, collect and process certain information relating visitors of its Website and may, solely for administering and ameliorating the Website, track how the visitors make use of the Website. The information collected may contain the visitors’ Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, as well as computer and connection information (e.g. browser type and version, operating system, as well as Uniform Resource Locators (URL) click stream to, through, and from our website, including date and time).

Such information (to the extent it qualifies as personal data), as well as information which qualifies as personal data and is otherwise received by Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C., such as through e-mails, fax or correspondence, is subject to the European and Greek regulatory framework on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. is firmly committed to protecting your personal data and will only use such information for the following purposes, on a case by case basis:

1. to process your queries;

2. to improve the Website’s design and content, and to compile aggregate information on the use of the Website;

3. to contact you for the purpose of marketing our services, to the extent this is permitted by applicable law and codes of conduct (e.g. newsletters);

4. to process your job application;

5. to provide our legal services; and,

6. to maintain a client contact database.

Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. outsources the hosting and provision of technical support for its Website to third parties. In the context of these services, these third parties may have access to the personal data processed by Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. through the Website.

Use of cookies

This Website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file which is sent by the Website’s server and which is stored on the hard disk of the Website’s visitors. It is usually used to identify an individua l when that individual is accessing a website and it keeps a record of information regarding the visit (which is useful since the user’s web browser will “remember” some specific information about . This Website’s cookies are mainly used to operate the Website (“session cookies”). However, Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. also uses them to update the Website more efficiently and to compile statistics. You can set your web browser to disable or to refuse cookies in the privacy options of your browser. If you set your web browser to refuse cookies, this may affect your ability to access the Website or parts of it, or to otherwise benefit from the features of the Website.


Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. has no control and therefore no responsibility over the electronic communications networks and routing protocols through which your personal data are transferred to the Website. As it may be insecure to send personal data over the Internet, Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. cannot advise you to provide confidential information or personal data by e-mail or through the Website.

Please note that any e-mail messages sent to Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. e-mail accounts will be automatically scanned for viruses and spam by a third party mail provider. This mail provider may in exceptional cases route your e-mails via the Internet to third countries outside the EU, such as the US, that are not providing an adequate level of protection.

Your rights as a user

In accordance with Greek Law 2472/1997, Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. provides individuals the right to access and to correct, if necessary, their personal data that Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. collects and processes. The users also have the right to object to the use of their perso nal data. If you want to exercise these rights, please contact the data privacy officer of Ballas Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. Mrs Rena Hohlaki at [email protected]

Governing Law

This legal notice and all issues regarding this Website are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising in connection with this Website and its Legal Notice shall be subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.