Consumers are at the centre of the economy and IoT. Our firm’s distribution systems’ (whether brick and mortar or e-commerce & online), competition, IP and IT/ TMT/ Digital law background, have always centered on consumer rights and competitors. Product liability, warranties, advertising, promotions, free competition, unfair competition, unfair contract terms, consumer data privacy rights, on and off line complaints and dispute resolution all weld into a single discipline and are at the core of our consumer law team’s work.

Our advisory expertise in all matters relating to consumer law is coupled with an outstanding courtroom record in the defective/non-compliant product claim and product liability fields. In the last two decades, in the automotive field alone, our lawyers have successfully handled over 150 product liability cases and related seller’s liability for real defects/ lack of conformity, with a 95% success rate.

We help design advertising campaigns and promotions and argue communication and advertising cases in the courts and the Communications Control Board, involving both consumers and competitors.

We learn our clients’ business aiming to provide effective warranty and limitation of liability contractual protections. We assist in the design of e-commerce platforms, advise on T&Cs, and ensure compliance with EU and national digital and data privacy law.

Our consumer practice benefits from our IP and unfair competition law experience which has always kept us embedded us in marketing, advertising and promotions, especially with regard to B2C and C2C relations.

Areas of expertise

We litigate before all courts and tribunals including the Consumer Ombudsman and the State General Secretariat for Consumers and the Communications Control Board on consumer law, advertising and IP and focus on unfair competition, misleading advertising, unfair advertising, IP infringement and product liability.

Our tech law orientation enables clear and helpful advice on the evolving consumer centered and competition related areas of digital law and online commerce. We help design online sales platforms, digital contracts and navigate data and privacy issues.

Our firm pioneered and continues to assist clients with customs interventions and anti-counterfeiting, particularly in the tobacco, leisure wear, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

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