Our team supports both banks and corporate clients in the complex world of regulation, operations and transactions, meeting their diverse needs in the applicable complex regulatory environment.

Working with credit institutions and corporate clients in various sectors, we have developed a unique knowledge base that meets our clients' diverse needs. As advisers to credit institutions, whether established in or outside the EEA, we offer advice on the complex regulatory environment regarding cross-border activities, representation offices and branches and help clients navigate the “dos and don’ts” of doing business in the Greek banking sector. We also guide and support clients in the process of establishing representation offices and branches and setting up the appropriate structure to ensure compliance with applicable reporting, staffing and anti-money laundering regulations.

In addition to the above, we provide advice on cross-border activities regarding securities (including equities, debt instruments/bonds and structured products), collective investment schemes (such as UCITS and AIFs), derivative products and other financial products, collateral and enforcement. Our team also has experience in commercial banking activities, project financing, investment banking, corporate banking, consumer credit, and wealth & asset management. Our corporate clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of financing tools, ranging from corporate finance, financial leases and lease backs, bond issues and other complex financial instruments, including hedging contracts. Furthermore, our technology law expertise allows us to advise on e-currency and crypto markets, and identify and understand upcoming and current regulations and related transactions.

Areas of expertise

We work with banking and investment clients to simplify the complex regulatory world of banking and investment services and ensure compliance in their cross-border and Greek banking and investment activities. We advise banks established in the EEA and outside the EEA concerning licensing and their activities, consumer credit banks operating through branches in Greece in the automotive sector, and have also advised a well-known leader in the field of cross-border financial regulation on financial activities, with a pragmatic approach that is widely appreciated by our clients.

Our ‘Good Corporate Governance’ team advises clients on all aspects of required compliance programmes, general good provisions, risk assessment, KYC, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, anti-fraud and data privacy. Our company law, white-collar crime and data privacy experience allow us to assist with drafting and implementing whistleblowing, reporting and investigation protocols.

We offer advisory and contract drafting services related to Annex I Directive 2004/39/EC Banking Activities (consumer credit, credit agreements relating to immovable property, financing of commercial transactions including factoring, financial leasing, forfeiting, guarantees and commitments, and so on), commodity and currency trading. We also represent clients in domestic dispute resolution procedures, enforcement of collateral and international arbitrations.

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Gregory Pelecanos
Gregory Pelecanos
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