Gregory Pelecanos, Senior Partner, talks about Good Corporate Governance

Thursday, 02 March 2023

Thinking outside the box, participating in public life and being part of shaping a better future for our country is very important to us. Our firm’s Senior Partner, Gregory Pelecanos, recently gave a talk on applying Good Corporate Governance principles in the public sector, using lessons from the private sector.

His talk was part of a very successful event organized by the Citizens Movement for an Open Society (Κίνηση Πολιτών για μία Ανοικτή Κοινωνία) and the think tank OXO, which addressed the wider topic of State Governance. Drawing on presentations at an earlier event organized by the Citizens’ Movement and attended by Minister G. Gerapetritis, Professor Ch. Tsoukas, Mr. I. Chadzigiannis DG Reform Greece and Mr. I. Lagos, Fellow at the Institute of Business Excellence. Using the paradigm of Greece and learnings from international experience, he discussed how, since 2010, the Greek Public Sector is gradually being transformed and principles of Good Corporate Governance have been applied to the functions of the State, Local Authorities and Public Companies.

He further discussed various interesting conclusions and proposals made by the Citizens’ Movement on how to enhance transparency and efficiency in the public sphere.

Some key points of my Gregory’s talk included thoughts on how to:

  • Combat mismanagement and corruption
  • Organize internal control systems and audit committees
  • Apply ESG criteria to Government
  • Apply best HR practices and energize personnel
  • Implement project management in public administration

You can read more about the event and the related submissions (in Greek) here.

You can also watch the video of Gregory’s talk (in Greek) at 

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