Software Copyright Infringement success for our firm

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Combining legal knowledge, technical astuteness and litigation skills, our combined IP, TMT and Dispute Resolution team, comprised of George Ballas (Senior & Managing Partner), Dimitrios Giannimaras (Partner) and George Moukas (Senior Associate), attained a significant victory in a complicated software copyright infringement dispute.

In injunctive proceedings against our client, our legal team argued, on the basis of legal principles, substantive differentiation between the alleged copy and original business software suites, convincing the judge to issue an interim decision ordering an expert opinion – which is, in itself, an extraordinary occurrence in injunctive proceedings.

The court appointed expert’s opinion, following the legal principles argued by our team, concurred that our client’s software differed substantially from the plaintiff’s, and moved to dismiss the petition for injunctive relief (Athens Single Member Court of First Instance, Decisions 4196/2022 and 1700/2023, injunctive procedure).

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