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Friday, March 20, 2020


Dear Clients & Friends

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting us all in varying degrees and will continue to do so for some time. Reactions and restrictions around the world have neither been systematic nor coordinated and this results in and will continue to cause both confusion and prolongation of the crisis management measures taken.

Enhanced Communication Facebook, Linkedin, Web-site.

In times like these the need for improved communication is paramount. Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC are intensifying our communication efforts to provide you with relevant information to help you navigate your course in these troubled waters.

Towards that end we update you that we are present on facebook and linkedin and will be posting legal guidance there and on our website www.ballas-pelecanos.com/news on developments related to COVID-19 and of broader interest.

Amongst other news we will be regularly uploading:

  • short commentaries on current legal and business matters
  • case comments on recent court decisions
  • brief newsletters on general legal matters
  • advance notices of conferences and seminars we will be presenting topics or attending
  • notice of publications authored by members of our Firm
  • updates on our social initiatives
  • links to our website ballas-pelecanos.com for more extensive coverage
  • new key appointments and business collaborations

Please join us on facebook and linkedin and recommend us to your connections.

Business continuity

Our business continuity plan involving remote work and rotating teams arrangement have been activated. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure business is running smoothly. We are all connected and our lawyers are contactable via e-mail and telephone.

We have suspended non-essential client meetings, all seminars and travel. We seek your co-operation to avoid any non-essential face-to-face meetings at this time. We can accommodate video and skype conferencing.

Administrative personnel are staffing communication and reception facilities.

Our offices undergo disinfection and personal hygiene measures have been stepped up.  We are prepared to take additional measures or adapt to more stringent health authority or general government directives.


In this way, we are able to continue to meet your needs and be at your service. We aim to be fully accessible and responsive at this challenging time.  We are continuously providing advice both on the impact of Covid-19 to your business and on your more general issues. 

We reflect on our strengths and plan for the future.

Our main strength is your steady and continuing support of Ballas Pelecanos & Associates LPC. For this we thank you. Moreover, remaining true to our motto “in the business of delivering results” our Firm has taken a number of new strategic initiatives to improve its services to our clients. We have always been known as legal services pioneers and are committed to drive and steer our Firm to keep up with the times and maintain its position as a leader in Business and Business Contracts Law.

We are now also in the position to provide integrated one-stop shop corporate and personal  Tax advisory, Tax accounting and social security and payroll services along with our corporate maintenance and employment services.

We have expanded our associations to include Banking and Finance Law. We offer corporate finance and capital markets advisory and litigation services

Our IP/IT/ITC /GDPR practice groups are amongst the best in Greece and highly regarded internationally. We are pioneers in innovation protection, AI and Robotics and IP litigation, with a uniquely specialised pharma patent litigation practice.

We are recognised leaders in dispute resolution and international arbitration (ICC, LCIA). We have successfully won multimillion euro and dollar awards for Fortune 500 and Greek companies in technology, energy and construction arbitrations.

We are acknowledged specialists in Competition law, Agency and Distribution law, Oil & Gas law, Defence Procurements and Offsets.

Together we will prevail and overcome the current difficulties.

Keep in touch and find out more about us and let us help you.