Monday, 01 March 2021

On Friday afternoon, 26 February, the representatives of the Ministry of Health and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection announced the extension of the general lockdown in Attica until the 8th of March, 06:00, while by virtue of the Joint Ministerial Decision 8689/198/25.2.2021, it is announced that the obligatory teleworking regime for the 50% of the employees (to the extent applicable) as well are the staggered arriving and departure schedule at workplaces, are extended until the 31st of March 2021.

Furthermore, as of Monday, 1st of March 2021, employers are required to provide their employees with new movement permits, which will remain in force until Monday, 8th of March 2021. They are issued either electronically from the "ERGANI" system or can be found at the website, following a solemn declaration of the employer which is granted exclusively to employees who work in person.

No movement permit is issued to those employees:

(a) Under suspension of employment;

(b) Under teleworking regime;

(c) In Absence of leave;

(d) Who are able to move using one of the 6 special categories, which allow the exceptional movement of citizens.

As of Tuesday 9th of March 2021, companies are required to re-issue said movement permits, which may be valid for up to 14 days.

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