New Covid-19 supportive measures for April 2021

Friday, 16 April 2021

1. Operation of retail stores and self-tests 

By virtue of Joint Ministerial Decision 20651/03.04.2021, being in force from Monday 5th of April, the re-initiation of retail trade was officially announced. Retail shops will operate only:

(a) by the method of remote pre-purchase / pre-selection of products on-line, for receipt / purchase outside the stores (click away) by making an appointment and

(b) with the method of making appointment an appointment on-line for receipt / purchase within the store (click inside)

In this context, the Greek Minister of Labor announced that the use of self-tests of Covid-19, which will be provided free of charge to citizens from April 19, will be mandatory for employees in retail stores, restaurants and cafeterias etc.

More specifically, the employees of retail stores (including supermarkets and food and beverage stores) are included in the category of employees who are obliged to use the COVID-19 self-test in order to be able to work.

The employer is obliged to inform the employee about the obligation to supply and perform the self-test once a week.

The employer has the obligation to refuse to accept the work offered by the employee who has taken the test but refuses to state the result.

Fine will be imposed:

(a) in case the employer does not inform the employees about the obligation to use the self-test (€300)

(b) in case the Labor Inspectorate after an inspection, finds an employee who has not declared the result of the self-test working (€500)

(c) in case the Labor Inspectorate after an inspection, finds an employee whose result of the self-test is positive (€1,500)

2. Extension of the deadline for submission of applications for the grant of €400 until April 19

By virtue of Joint Ministerial Decision 907/13.04.2021, being in force from Tuesday 13th of April, the beneficiaries can submit applications to "ERGANI" until Monday, April 19, 2021, in order to receive the grant. The Ministry clarifies that based on the new criteria of the issued decision, all applications that were rejected during the first round of submissions as well as those submitted by April 19, 2021 to "ERGANI" as amendment or new applications will be reviewed.

Those who are beneficiaries of the special financial aid (grant of 400 euros) according to the new Joint Ministerial Decision and have already applied, shall not have to apply again.

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