Thursday, 05 November 2020

A new set of measures, aiming to prevent coronavirus pandemic, especially focused on employment and entrepreneurship, was recently announced by the Greek Government.

The new package of measures includes compulsory teleworking for the 50% of a company’s personnel, as well as adaptation of working hours.

More specifically, the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision no. 44921/1377 provides for the following:

Compulsory teleworking for 50% of personnel

All businesses and employers across the country are obliged to submit 50% of their employees under a teleworking regime. The percentage of 50% is calculated and it applies on the number of employees whose working duties can be conducted through teleworking, depending on the nature of the work they offer. 

Employers and businesses will have a deadline of 24 hours, starting from the publication of the set of measures at the Government Gazette (ΦΕΚ), in order to submit to the labor authorities, and specifically to ERGANI, the special form 4.1 “Declaration of teleworking – special purpose form”, regarding employees who are placed in teleworking status.

Should a private - sector business miss the above deadline of submission, a fine of 3.000 € may be imposed by the respective Labor Inspectorate.

Adaptation of working hours

In all businesses, and during the whole month of November, the working timetable shall be re-adapted and reformulated with regard to the start and end hours of the working day, in a way that facilitates the employees to arrive at and depart from their workplace every half an hour and within two hours.

As long as the above measures are in effect, employers’ duty to declare to “ERGANI” any amendment or change of employees’ working hours is suspended.

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