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New set of restrictive measures applied in Attica region

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Strict containment measures will apply across the Attica region, due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in said area, starting as of 21.09.2020 until 04.10.2020.

Compulsory teleworking for 40% of employees in the private and public sector is one of the new measures applying in Attica, referring to employees with “office” duties and/or duties which can be carried out from distance.

For example:

Business with 10 “office employees” and 5 “manual workers” is obliged to place in teleworking status 40% of its office employees, i.e. 4 employees.

The Minister of Labour has ensured the public that the working terms and conditions of the employment contracts placed in teleworking status will remain exactly the same.

Employers and businesses will have a deadline of 24 hours starting from the publication of the set of measures at the Government Gazette (ΦΕΚ) in order to submit to the labor authorities, and specifically to ERGANI, the special form 4.1 “Declaration of teleworking – special purpose form” regarding employees who are placed in teleworking status. Should a private - sector business miss the above deadline of submission, a fine of 3.000 € may be imposed.

The set of measures has not been officially published at the Government Gazette yet.

Another plan in order to avoid crowding in the workplace is staggering the hours of arrival and of departure to and from the workplace, organizing it in four (4) sequential waves of arrival and departure every half an hour, within two hours after the time of start and of termination of work.

Below an indicative example as to the organization plan:

Business with 16 employees (the remaining ones after the deduction of the 40% under teleworking status), with a working timetable 08.00 – 16.00, will organize the time of arrival and departure of its workforce as follows:

  • 4 employees will continue to start working at 08.00 and leave from work at 16.00
  • 4 employees will start working at 08.30 and leave from work at 16.30
  • 4 employees will start working at 09.00 and leave work at 17.00
  • 4 employees will start working at 09.30 and leave work at 17.30

During the application of the above measure, businesses are not obliged to submit to ERGANI changes and amendments of the employees’ timetable, except for overtime and extra working hours, which still constitute an obligation for the business to declare to ERGANI.

Other restrictions imposed to ATTICA region are suspension of all concerts and other cultural events, suspension of operation of indoor cinemas, imposition of a cap of nine people for private and public gatherings and a cap of 20 people for weddings, baptisms and funerals etc.

Extension of Teleworking

Employer's right to unilaterally place employees in teleworking status, without employees' consent, has been extended until the 31st December 2020.