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Digital Registration of Leave Time on ERGANI II system

Friday, January 20, 2023

Digital Registration of Leave Time on ERGANI II system

As part of the Digital Working-Time Organisation project initiated by the Ministry of Labour, from 12 January 2023 onwards, employers who have successfully completed the census procedure for the “Digital Working-Time Organisation” - which was completed on 20 December 2022 – will be able to submit their employees’ leave time in the new digital environment of ERGANI II.

Employers will have the obligation to register employees’ days-off on the system from the first day of the month when employees take their leave until the 10th day of the following month (for example, leaves taken within February 2023 must be registered with ERGANI no later than on 10 March 2023). The new digital registration of employees’ leave time will only apply to time off taken from January 2023 onwards.

The new system is compatible with and will be used to register every type of leave (e.g. annual leave, sick leave, hourly leaves etc.). In case of incorrect registrations, an option to withdraw a submission and submit a corrected one is also provided, while simple withdrawal of submission will also be allowed.