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Digital Working Card

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Digital Working Card

Announcement of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the entry into force of the Digital Working Card

The recently enacted Labour Law No. 4808/2021, introduced the Digital Working Card, for purposes of ensuring the compliance with working schedule and payment of  overtime. More specifically, pursuant to art. 74 par. 1 of Law 4808/2021, employers must introduce an electronic system for keeping track of working time, which will be interconnected with the Information System ERGANI II.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced the basic requirements for the implementation of the new regulations which include the following:

  • As of 1/6/2022, the recording process of the Working Hours will start for all employers, employing salaried employees. The aim is to move towards a Digital Organization of Working Time system.
  • The Digital Organization of Working Time aims at the recording and availability of the Scheduled Working Hours in digital form, which will collect all the declared data regarding the Working Hours, Overtime and Leaves.
  • In this context, the employer will declare in the Information System ERGANI, for each employee, the general data concerning the employment relationship, the working hours (either fixed weekly or variable per day), exceptional modifications of working hours, overtime, and leaves.

After the registration has been completed, the Information System ERGANI will be showing the Declared Working Hours per employee, which will be made directly available to both the employee and the employer in a digital calendar form. Employees will be able to directly access said calendar, via myErgani mobile app or myErgani web portal (https://myErgani.gov.gr).

Ways of submitting the data regarding Digital Organisation of Working Time

The new system of Digital Organisation of Working Time of the Information System ERGANI will be using the below procedures:

  1. New procedure for the submission of the Declaration of Labor Status Data concerning Working Time
  2. New procedures for the submission of Working Time Organisation
    - Working Hours - Fixed Weekly
    - Working Hours - Variable per Day
    - Exceptional Modifications
    - Leaves
  3. Existing E8 procedure: Notification of Legal Overtime
  4. Modification of E3 procedure: Announcement of Recruitment (removal of working time data)

For all of the above procedures, the following submission methods will be supported:

  • Submission using the form in the Information System ERGANI
  • Submission by uploading XML files to the Information System ERGANI
  • Submission via an automated programming interface - API (New)
  • Individual Modification submissions via SMS
  • The recording process will have been completed by 30 November 2022 for all businesses except for credit institutions and supermarkets employing over 250 employees. The latter are obliged to implement the Digital Working Card as of 1st July, so it is necessary that they have completed the recording process by 30 June.
  • Businesses which have already in place systems for working timekeeping will be able to immediately be interconnected with the new Digital Working Card mechanism of the Information System ERGANI.
  • A new application, named my Ergani CardScanner, will be developed and provided to businesses. Said application will be used to scan the employees’ Digital Working Card (in the form of a QR Code) upon their arrival/leaving from work. The information received will be automatically forwarded to the Information System ERGANI. The Digital Working Card will be made available to employees via the respective application for mobile devices, named myErgani – its availability is currently pending and forthcoming.