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Practice Groups

Challenging times require ingenuity and increased flexibility. Over the past years, Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. has sought ways to bring true excellence and have real legal and business impact in each of its areas of practice.

Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. has created specialized practice groups, each comprising a core team of experts specializing in the respective legal, business and technological environment, with key “coordinators” offering advice and coordinating resources among them. This flexible system allows the firm to adapt to fast-changing market, legal and regulatory conditions and to pioneer new markets. The firm is thus able to provide expert legal services applied to concrete business environments, pool and share precious experience and litigating skills across different disciplines, while assuring that each area of practice has its own dedicated team.

This structure provides the ideal balance of continuity and resources, making Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. a dependable firm for clients and a dynamic local partner for collaborating international law firms.